The better mobile
Twitch chat experience

Frosty brings quality-of-life features and, most importantly, third-party emotes from 7TV, BetterTTV (BTTV), and FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) — popular extensions for Twitch used by millions — to both iOS and Android.

#Made for

  • New users

    Discover the vast community of Twitch's most popular streams and categories, no login required.

  • Twitch regulars

    Log in with your Twitch account to utilize features such as sending chat messages and blocking users.

  • Developers

    Explore the free and open-source code on GitHub. Contributions and issues are always welcome!


And much more...

  • Autocomplete emotes and user mentions

  • Light, dark, and black (OLED) themes

  • See and filter chatters in a channel

  • Local chat user message history

  • Theater and fullscreen mode

  • Picture-in-picture mode

  • Block and report users

  • Sleep timer

#Get started!


Why are some Twitch features not in Frosty?

Features are usually limited by what is allowed in the official Twitch API, so some features (e.g., voting on predictions and total view count for categories) are not yet available.

Why can't I change the stream quality?

There is currently no straightforward official API for getting the raw stream URLs, so streams rely on the auto setting for now.

Why is the stream delayed on iOS?

There is a delay of around 15 seconds due to how the native iOS player works. As a workaround, Frosty has a message delay option that lets you set the delay (in seconds) before each message is rendered.

Is ad block planned?

Ad block is not planned because it would probably violate the Twitch terms of service.

Will Frosty support TVs (Apple/Android TV)?

Not yet, because Flutter (the framework that Frosty is built upon) doesn't officially support TVs just yet. Hopefully, this changes in the future!

Can I watch VODs with chat?

Twitch does not provide VOD chat messages with their current API, so VODs with chat are not possible yet.

Why is feature "X" from Twitch not in the app as well?

I'm limited to what is available in the Twitch API, so certain features from the Twitch web or mobile app (e.g., voting on predictions and category viewer counts) are not available at the moment.

Where can I report a bug or request a new feature?

You can open a new issue on the GitHub repo.